by CData Arc Marketing | September 21, 2018

CData Arc Releases New AMI for Amazon Web Services

Integrate your data in minutes — through your existing AWS infrastructure


At CData Arc, our mission is to help you access your data as easily, quickly and simply as possible. That's why we're proud to announce a new, cloud-native Amazon Machine Interface (AMI) of CData Arc, that delivers fast, easy application and data integration for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers.

Try the CData Arc AMI

If you already take advantage of the stability and convenience of Amazon Web Services (AWS), now you can do even more. While CData Arc has always been cloud-ready, our new AMI allows you to launch CData Arc as a standard metered AWS service. With this easy, plug & play integration, you can access data from any CData Arc-supported application, right in AWS.

Unleash the Power of AWS and CData Arc Integrations

The CData Arc AMI allows you to connect to hundreds of popular applications like MailChimp, HubSpot and Google Analytics, CRMs like Salesforce, Netsuite and SAP and databases like MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, etc. Easily move, manage, govern, orchestrate and automate data load and transform across applications, integrate with other systems and AWS services, leverage scripts and much more. Quickly integrate applications, harmonize data and connect to AWS services.

As a trusted Amazon Technology Partner, CData Arc takes the guesswork out of running integrations through AWS with our high-performance, secure connectors to data services for cloud and on-premise applications.

You get a less risky, faster, less expensive way to integrate with your data.

Additional Cloud Services and Support

At CData Arc, we stand behind our products with the highest quality support for our customers. We're always available via email and also offer premium phone support.

We're constantly adding improvements, updates and new features. In addition to our AWS AMI, we have support for Azure Marketplace coming soon! This will make it easier for you to host CData Arc on your public or private clouds using our new docker container.

Have limited internal IT resources? With our cloud delivery options, our engineering team can set up and host CData Arc for you. We offer:

  • Turnkey setup
  • Managed cloud hosting
  • Unlimited scalability
  • And much more!

If you're interested in our AWS AMI or cloud hosting, try it here. Or email us at, call 800.743.8232 or contact us here.