Unified EDI Integration

Seamlessly connect with partners, send and receive EDI documents, and streamline EDI processes with CData Arc.

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One Application, Unlimited Integration

Support All Major Standards

CData Arc is Drummond-Certified EDI software that supports every major EDI standard, document, and protocol. No matter your partners' industry-specific EDI requirements, CData Arc can meet them.

Outgrown Costly VANs?

VANs charge fees for every document. If you face high transaction volumes and costs, choked bandwidth or an EDI backlog, CData Arc can slash your costs with scalable EDI.

Automate EDI-Backend Integration

Does your company still manually move connect EDI with backend systems? Automate EDI integrations with 100+ EDI connections for ERP, CRM, marketing, finance, analytics, ecommerce, logistics, and more.

Extend EDI to More Partners

EDI enables automated partner communications, but your IT-limited partners may be unable to implement it. CData Arc fits seamlessly into hub & spoke models, helping you easily onboard those partners.

Modernize Your Legacy EDI with Superior Technology

Drag & Drop EDI Integration: From ERP, CRM & Accounting to EDI, and Back

Modernize Your Legacy EDI with Superior Technology
  • Visual flow designer, low-code and easy-to-use.
  • Built on the powerful CData Arc Core framework.
  • Continuous Drummond-Certification for AS2.
  • Extensive support for EDI transactions defined by X12, EDIFACT, GISB, and other EDI Standards.
  • Enables load-balancing for high-volume transactions.
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment - available in AWS and Azure.
  • Full developer API.
  • Supports containerization & micro services.

Introduction to Data Transformation and EDI Mapping in CData Arc

This mapping overview walks you through how to quickly set up an automated data mapping workflow to transform data from one format to another, e.g.: XML, JSON, CSV & flat file mapping. The video also covers the basics of the XML map designer and its intuitive, drag and drop interface.

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Complete EDI Mapping & Integration

Why buy multiple applications and systems to connect and map EDI across your business, when you can use one easy-to-use application?

With powerful, secure B2B managed file transfer capabilities, drag & drop EDI mapping, and simplified EDI-backend integration, CData Arc empowers you to tackle the whole EDI process. includes a host of easy-to-use EDI and B2B integration features. CData Arc supports comprehensive EDI integration and mapping for every major EDI document and standard, including:

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CData Arc gives users the tools to tackle B2B messaging, head-on. In addition to powerful secure managed file transfer capabilities, CData Arc includes a host of easy-to-use EDI and B2B messaging features. With a highly flexible and extensible architecture CData Arc allows you to quickly overcome any EDI challenge. To try it for yourself and start connecting with EDI partners, download a 30-day free trial of CData Arc.

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