Partner Programs

We offer several partnership programs to help you deliver transformational data connectivity, build connected business, and drive growth

Why CData Arc?

As a partner of CData Arc, you can deliver an intuitive, best-in-class data connectivity solution. CData Arc is a singular application capable of meeting your customers’ EDI needs while providing compelling data transfer, transformation and integration tools.

CData Arc can convincingly handle a variety of operations, and helps you deliver cost-effective and technically elegant solutions to your customers.

  • File Transfer — Move data between internal systems or transfer files to trading partners using file protocols like AS2, OFTP, SFTP, FTP, SCP and many more.

  • EDI Communication — Transfer files to trading partners using a variety of EDI standards like X12, EDIFACT, HL7 and more. Validate incoming and outgoing EDI files against every major schema and extract data from incoming documents.

  • Data Transformation — Extract, translate and restructure data in numerous ways with intuitive and visual mapping connectors.

  • App-to-App Data Connectivity — Move data into and out of disparate back end systems automatically, and synchronize your data across applications such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft SQL Server and more.

  • API Management — Expose publicly accessible endpoints, control which data you share with users and set permissions for each user.

  • Auditability — Track your transactions with meticulous logs and statistics that show your sustained data flow over a period of time.

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