Popular EDI Gateway Adopts CData Arc for High-Volume AS2

Popular EDI Gateway Adopts CData Arc for High-Volume AS2

Montova provides a unique online EDI gateway that opens many doors to a vast community of connected EDI trading partners.

Through collaboration portals, Montova reduces administrative work and provides their customers with a lean process and shortened lead times. Montova's central platform is built for EDI messaging, mapping and seamless ERP integration to simplify the complexities of EDI, bringing enhanced transparency and visibility.

Montova processes a colossal 113,000 EDI transactions per day across 1400 connectors, primarily over AS2.

The Challenge: Switching from a Scripted Solution to a User-Friendly Solution

For years, Montova leveraged its own proprietary XML-based ESB software to process its high-volume AS2 connections. The problem?

There was no UI, and that made it rather difficult for many of their team members to use it for AS2 transactions. Wim Vanhoof, Lead Analyst/Developer for Montova, began to look for a more intuitive solution.

“There was no doubt that 98% of our AS2 setup would be easier with a UI, and processes would be completed with fewer errors," Vanhoof said.

It was simply time to switch to a new AS2 solution.

The Solution: a Flexible Integration Canvas

Montova required a high level of sophistication in its AS2 solution:

  • A powerful admin API that is easy to operate
  • The ability to handle high AS2 transaction volumes for customers
  • Total scalability with a load-balanced, high-availability setup
  • All the baseline AS2 capabilities of an EDI solution, such as MDNs, auto-retry, digital certificates, encryption, Drummond-Certified interoperability, etc.
  • And of course, affordable pricing for high-volume AS2 EDI transactions

CData Arc hit the sweet spot for Montova in terms of simplicity and the openness of the developers behind it.

“Anyone can easily understand the purpose of all the settings," Vanhoof said. “In terms of simplicity, everything seems to be quite straightforward."

In addition to delivering an intuitive UI, CData Arc has drastically improved the processing time for the company — by 99 percent.

“There is no issue with the speed at all," Vanhoof said.

The Results: Montova Processes 100k+ Transactions a Day

The company now has a functional EDI system built to handle its full suite of EDI needs.

“As I said, we're pretty satisfied with the product; we use it for more than 100,000 transactions per day," Vanhoof said.

Additionally, CData Arc's support has more than met Montova's needs.

“I've had very positive experiences with the support team. I am quite impressed with how well you all know your product," Vanhoof said.