EC 連携を自動化

CData Arc で、EC に必要なアプリケーション、システム、ユーザー、プロセスのすべてを連携して、次世代の効率性を実現。

EC Electronic Data Interchange with CData Arc

EC 連携に必要なもの

EC EDI をシンプルに

EC で最も困難な課題の一つは、EDI パートナーのコンプライアンスとWeb EDI ポータルでの手動 EDI 受注処理の複雑さを克服することです。CData Arc は、パートナーとの迅速な連携、注文処理の自動化、すべてのEDI パートナーとの統合を一元管理。EDI コストを最大90%削減します。

  • Automate Away Manual Data Entry

    With our powerful EDI mapping wizard, you can create templates to automatically generate & exchange EDI files like invoices and shipping docs with partners like Amazon, Overstock, and Walmart.

  • Simplify EDI Compliance

    In EDI, everything runs on standards, but every partner has a unique take on ‘standard.' CData Arc supports every major EDI document and gives you the flexibility to make partner-specific mappings.

  • No More EDI Fees, No More Data Caps

    Web EDI networks (VANs) and most EDI tools charge punishing fees for each EDI file and apply data rate caps. With CData Arc, you get a simple flat rate license. That's one reason our customers see record ROI.

  • Slash EDI Chargebacks
  • Manage All EDI Connections in ONE Platform

    Seamlessly build EDI partner flows with CData Arc's drag & drop workflow builder and centrally manage e-commerce EDI integrations with CData Arc's intuitive Workspaces.

  • Instantly Create Secure Partner Connections

    Whichever way your partners exchange EDI documents, CData Arc makes it easy to connect with them. Instantly and securely exchange EDI files over AS2, SFTP, OFTP - even API-based EDI.

EC とEDI を迅速に連携。配送、請求書などを自動化。

Shopify のようなEC をAmazon Vendor & Seller Central、Target、Overstock、Walmart のような主要なパートナーと接続します。パートナーコンプライアンスをシンプルに。手動での注文入力を自動化し、EDI コストとチャージバックを削減しましょう。

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Rapid End-to-End Integration

Seamless Connectivity with Popular Applications and Databases

  • Easily connect to hundreds of business applications including CRM, ERP, databases, and much more through a no-code, modern, and visual web-based UI.
  • Move data on demand in response to events, webhooks or on a schedule, synchronizing your on-premise and cloud apps, databases, processes, and APIs.
  • Transform data supported by hundreds of data formatters, an intelligent expression editor, drag-and-drop mapping, powerful scripting.
  • Meticulous logging and message tracking allows real-time visibility into the movement of data. Never lose track of a file or request.

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EC のビジネスプロセスを自動化

シームレスなEC 連携フローを構築し、ビジネスプロセスを自動化

Create End-to-End
EC-EDI Workflows

Trigger CRM lead updates in Salesforce from EC Tools

Connect Shopify to your
back-end database for instant account management

Link your order processing to your accounts receivable processing for automated AR


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EC データ連携を一元化

CData Arc は、データ連携をシンプルにして、すべての連携を1 つの強力なプラットフォームで管理できます。複雑なデータ変換に対応し、EC ビジネスを支えるアプリケーションやテクノロジーを統合するために必要なコネクティビティを提供します。

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