Integrated E-Commerce: Automate B2B Processes

FREE WEBINAR (January 20th, 2pm EST)

EDI doesn't have to be an obstacle to e-commerce. Learn how you can simplify e-commerce partner compliance, reduce chargebacks from platforms like Amazon Vendor Central, and automate away manual order entries.

E-Commerce Workflows, Simplified

In this webinar, our EDI integration specialists cover how to automate away manual EDI data entry by linking your e-commerce apps like Shopify & BigCommerce with your EDI partners.

We'll demonstrate a step-by-step EDI to e-commerce workflow and cover how to:

  • Connect with retail e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon Vendor Central & Seller Central, Target, Overstock, Walmart, and Etsy
  • Link apps like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Kafka with partner EDI processes
  • Auto-generate, exchange, and route EDI files like invoices, shipping orders and inventory information
  • Centrally manage all your EDI partner connections in one platform
  • And slash your EDI costs in the process

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Live Thursday, January 20th, 2pm EST