EDI Translation

Making sense of common EDI specifications is what CData Arc aims to do with CData Arc.

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An EDI translation project can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the technologies being used. If you are, they can be time consuming in terms of setup and testing. CData Arc makes it very easy as we have a way of automatically parsing out partner information from a test document to pre-populate partner information.

When selecting a solution for your EDI translation needs, you need something easy to understand and flexible. Our quick setup and flexible scripting allows highly customizable processing of documents. It can be as simple or as flexible as you need to effectively communicate and transfer data to your partner.

Convert to XML

XML is a common format that is much easier to read than most EDI specifications. CData Arc can convert your EDI documents to a human-readable XML format in just a few clicks.

Fast Setup

Enter in your partner information and automatically translate a document to XML with the click of a button. The XML contains human readable comments that describe what the elements mean in an easy to understand format.

Flexible Schemas

Most businesses have customized the standard EDI document schemas. CData Arc has a simple JSON schema format, making them easy to understand and edit, which allows you to quickly alter the schemas to suit your company's needs.

Automated Acknowledgements

Receipt generation is done automatically and routed back to be sent to your partner once a file is received. Files being sent are given a pending status until a positive receipt is returned for that file.

Knowledgeable Support

Our team is highly skilled and ready to assist you should any questions arise with your EDI translation project.