by CData Arc Marketing | August 09, 2021

A Commonsense Approach to EDI and Managed File Transfer Pricing

Software licensing runs the gamut from perpetual to subscription, transactional and connection-based. Deciding on which approach is best for an organization is traditionally driven by the software vendors pricing policy and/or the size of the buyer's budget. In today's world of serverless technologies, petabyte scale data movement, and high-availability cloud offerings, traditional pricing models no longer fit into this new paradigm. Pricing needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of the data and IT communities.

At CData, we make pricing as painless as our integration. We believe in transparent EDI & Managed File Transfer (MFT) pricing that meets our customers' requirements - affordability and simplicity - while empowering them to fully utilize the modern data ecosystem and democratize EDI processes. We utilize a simple connections-based licensing model for CData Arc that enables organizations to scale B2B file transfer and application integrations - without incurring expensive licensing upcharges.

Traditional Pricing models

EDI VANs, healthcare EDI clearinghouses, and even many EDI software providers use traditional pricing models structured on:

  • Fees per document exchanged with a partner
  • Fees for each line item within a document
  • Exceeding transactional monthly contractual limitations

Each traditional pricing model has its own disadvantages. Exceeding transactional monthly contract limits can be an expense proposition to an organization. Depending on the contract, these overages can fluctuate by the variety of the terms, making them hard to understand and predict. This can expose the organization to unexpected and unnecessary costs for their EDI and MFT processes.

Charging for each transaction, file, or line item in a document can lead to unexpected and unplanned costs to an organization. proper budgeting and expense allocation because the company can't plan, understand, or predict what the monthly costs will be for their EDI and MFT process. In addition, since the cost of these transaction cannot be planned for or understood, organizations can experience excessive fees for exchanging documents.

Modern licensing for modern integration

CData removes the confusion of pricing and allows our customers to be able to easily budget and plan for all their EDI and MFT needs. Our pricing is simple. It's based on connection (integrations). We free our customers and partners from uncertainty and provide them a means to process as many EDI or MFT transactions they want, at any scale, in any environment, and in a low code, single environment. This provides our customers with a cost effective, modern approach to document and file exchange.

An example of this is, Green Supply. Green Supply was working with EDI VAN and were paying in excess of $100,00 to exchange documents with their partners using AS2. Green Supply needed a new approach. They wanted a way to work seamlessly with the FTP, CSV-based system Green Supply uses for non-EDI customers, significantly reduce EDI transaction costs, and work with a partner that provides exceptional support.

Using CData Arc, Green Supply now has a cost effective and reliable EDI process to support their supply chain and vendor data exchange requirements. According to Luke Patchett, Technical Lead for EDI, Green Supply has enjoyed rapid implementation, completing two CData Arc integrations in a month each with Amazon and Amazon Dropship, which are two of Green Supply's biggest sources of EDI transactions. Patchett goes on to say, "We've finished two major EDI transaction platforms in 1 month each, as compared with the 3-4 months it took to set up similar projects through SPS Commerce." This was warp speed compared with a traditional VAN.

In summary, a modern and easy to understand and transparent pricing model for EDI and MFT exchanges exist with CData. My question to you is what are you waiting for? Check out CData today and take control with a contemporary, common-sense approach to B2B licensing.

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