by CData Arc Marketing | December 08, 2021

The Q4 2021 Forrester Tech Tide™ Recognizes CData Software for Enterprise Data Integration

Increased data integration challenges are rising due to the growth in data volume, compliance expectations, complex data, real-time data availability and distributed data across the cloud. Data integration software solutions are therefore crucial for businesses to procure reliable and timely information, manage in the influx of data, and make their data and analytics processes more effective.

CData Software was recently highlighted in The Forrester Tech Tide™: Enterprise Data Integration, Q4 2021. The report analyzes the maturity and business value of 19 technology providers that support enterprise data integration.

Download the complete Forrester Tech Tide™: Enterprise Data Integration, Q4 2021

According to Forrester, "A modern data integration strategy is critical to support the new generation of data and analytics requirements, including support for real-time customer 360, data intelligence, and modern edge applications." Forrester encourages enterprise architecture professionals to explore new approaches in data integration to keep up with future market trends and challenges. The report found that:

  • Distributed hybrid and mutlicloud is creating new data integration challenges.
  • AI technology is driving the next level of data integration solutions.
  • Real-time data integration has become critical to support modern business requirements.
  • Customer demand is shifting to use-case-driven data integration solutions.

To compile this report, Forrester surveyed a series of decision-makers, suppliers, and other subject matter experts, ensuring that the technology provider meets the following criteria:

  • Is an important contributor to data integration.
  • Is commercially available at an enterprise scale.
  • Has (or will have) market traction.

CData Software was recognized in the Data as a Service/Data as a Product and Data Virtualization categories.

Data as a Service (DaaS)/Data as a Product (DaaP) is described as "the new generation of advanced data integration technology that focuses on a common data layer to accelerate various use cases. They focus on using industry-standard protocols such as ODBC, JDBC, and APIs to access integrated data."

The report also encourages data professionals to invest in data virtualization technologies to provide "on-demand, low-code/no-code integration and data transformation from disparate data sources across hybrid and multicloud environments to support various applications, BI, reporting, analytics, and other workloads."

CData Software provides enterprise-grade, modern data integration solutions to enable users to easily and securely connect organizational data across hundreds of popular applications and tools, whether on-premises or in the cloud. CData offers the most comprehensive library of standards-based data drivers on the market, offering connections to over 250 data sources and platforms.

Customers can also take advantage of CData Connect, a consolidated connectivity platform that unifies and simplifies real-time data access for business users across the organization – no matter where that data lives.

As the latest Forrester report suggests, CData Software provides trusted software solutions to easily connect, integrate, and automate your enterprise data. To find out how CData can help enterprises facing increased data integration challenges, download the complete Forrester Tech Tide™: Enterprise Data Integration, Q4 2021.