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  • Direct EDI (AS2) vs. VANs: Pros, Cons and The Basics

    by CData Arc Marketing | April 05, 2019

    Throughout the world, companies large and small alike are increasingly adding, expanding, and modernizing their EDI communications. If you need to meet partner EDI mandates or wish to capture the many benefits afforded by EDI connectivity with more of your partners, you can take several approaches ... [もっと見る]

  • Walmart Adoption Nudges Blockchain EDI into the Mainstream

    by CData Arc Marketing | March 28, 2019

    In September of 2019, Walmart will require more than 100 farms that supply leafy green vegetables to put detailed information about their food into a blockchain database developed by IBM. Walmart hopes to use the so-called IBM Food Trust blockchain to track this produce as it moves through the supp... [もっと見る]

  • AS2 Security Basics

    by CData Arc Marketing | February 25, 2019

    Applicability Statement 2, or AS2, is one of the most secure file transfer protocols for data exchange between trading partners. AS2 combines a number of secure and widely used technologies, including HTTPS, SSL Certificates, S/MIME and file hashing. How Does AS2 Security Work? Walking through the ... [もっと見る]

  • The Benefits of MFT Modernization: Moving Beyond Siloed File Transfer

    by CData Arc Marketing | February 04, 2019

    Organizations increasingly rely on data to serve customers, drive decision-making, and power business processes. This data is typically stored in files, across disparate applications, databases, and local machines and must be moved across the organization quickly to respond to real-time customer de... [もっと見る]

  • 複雑なデータ変換の管理

    by CData Arc マーケティング | September 10, 2018

    本記事の内容は機械翻訳によるものです。記事の内容についてご質問がある場合は、 CData Arc 製品スペシャリストまでお気軽にご連絡ください 。 統合シナリオは、最初は単純ですがその後より複雑になることがしばしばです。たとえば、 統合を迅速、簡単、アジャイルにする という記事のように、セールスマネージャーがMarketo からリードを取得してSalesforce で閲覧したい場合を考えましょう。 CData Arc は、直感的なUI、事前定義された構成可能なコネクタ、および事前にパッケージ化されたワークフローを通じてプロセスを容易にします。リードがSalesforce に含まれるようになっ... [もっと見る]