AS2 Connector

Secure, Reliable, Drummond-Certified AS2 Connectivity.


The Benefits of AS2

  • AS2 is a universal method for transporting data used by millions worldwide, including major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.
  • Leverage the web: if you can share data securely via the web, you already the infrastructure required for AS2.
  • Save money by using direct EDI file transfers instead of costly VANs.
  • With lower costs and universal web connectivity, you can extend EDI to more partners.
  • Enterprise EDI - 100+ connections at an affordable price with no limitations on transaction sizes.

Key Features

  • Secure Drummond-Certified AS2 File Transfer and Messaging.
  • Digital Self-Signed Certificate Creation and Management.
  • Support for SSL Client Authentication and HTTP Client Authentication.
  • Post- and pre-processing events for outgoing and incoming file transmissions.
  • Integrated 'AS2 Restart' for failed transmissions.
  • Very Large Message (VLM) file transmission and receipt.
  • and much more...

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