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Connect seamlessly with vendors, suppliers, and trading partners across your multi-supply chain channels.

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Retailer Electronic Data Interchange with CData Arc

Simplify Retail Workflows with CData Arc

Omnichannel is not a new concept, but many retailers still struggle to hit the target and optimize their customer's experiences. Supply chain is a linchpin that makes omnichannel work.

Retailers need a simple, transparent, traceable, and affordable way to understand inventory levels, order fulfillment, shipping and logistical status, and billing and invoice management across their expansive supplier and trading partner ecosystem.


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Managing your Supply Chain Partners is Easy with CData Arc

Keeping up with your trading partners and suppliers has never been easy. Retailers want to eliminate delays in order management, fulfillment, invoicing, payments, inventory updates, shipping, and logistics with an easy to use, scalable, and hassle-free approach.

Rapid End-to-End Integration

Seamless Connectivity with Popular Applications and Databases

  • Easily connect to hundreds of business applications including CRM, ERP, databases, and much more through a no-code, modern, and visual web-based UI.
  • Move data on demand in response to events, webhooks or on a schedule, synchronizing your on-premise and cloud apps, databases, processes, and APIs.
  • Transform data supported by hundreds of data formatters, an intelligent expression editor, drag-and-drop mapping, powerful scripting.
  • Meticulous logging and message tracking allows real-time visibility into the movement of data. Never lose track of a file or request.

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Supply chain excellence with CData Arc

  •  No Code Connectivity

    Simple end-to-end integrations with 100's of no code connectors for ERP, CRM, marketing and finance systems, data warehouses, and more.

  •  Secure MFT & EDI

    Easily and securely transfer files and documents between your partners and suppliers. Fully secure data and file movement using CData Arc Drummond-Certified AS2, FIPS-compliant file & data layer encryption (AES, Open PGP), secure DMZ, certificates & more. Leverage a wide array of additional communication protocol such as AS4, OFTP, SFTP, and more.

  •  Automated Backend Integration

    CData Arc supports end-to-end EDI/MFT to backend system automations with 100+ platforms. Easily move translated EDI data & files between your tools to kick off automations and trigger business processes for ERP, CRM, and more.

  •  Comprehensive EDI & MFT Integration

    Quickly and effortlessly onboard partners, automate EDI transmissions, and leverage set-it-and-forget-it templates to map & translate EDI documents between flat-file formats and X12 or EDIFACT.

  •  Scale Up & Slash Costs with Scalable MFT & EDI

    CData Arc offers a flexible, scalable technology to support millions of file transfers and exchange EDI documents with hundreds of partner connections - at an affordable price.

  •  Meet Compliance & Audit Requirements

    Comply with GDPR, PCI, CCPA & other data privacy regulations for leveraging CData Arc full logging & auditing capabilities to gain real-time visibility into document & file transfers across your organization.

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