Healthcare Data & EDI Integration

Data Connectivity, Integration and Automation for Healthcare IT & EDI

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Healthcare Electronic Data Interchange with CData Arc

Simplify Healthcare Workflows with CData Arc

Simplify EDI Process Flow

Seamlessly connect with partners, send & receive EDI documents, and quickly automate EDI processes with ease.

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Securely submit electronic claims to insurers and integrate with billing systems. Simplify HIPAA EDI and slash costs with scalable healthcare EDI automation.

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Quickly connect with hospitals and onboard providers into your EDI network to reduce errors, streamline electronic billing, and simplify healthcare EDI.

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Guarantee the FDA receives & accepts your FDA ESG submissions. Simplify your process and reduce headaches with FDA-ready and fully compliant AS2.

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#1 Trusted AS2

Securely send and receive EDI documents with any partner using the market's most trusted Drummond-Certified AS2 solution - certified for every AS2 process.

10k+ Organizations Worldwide Trust Our Connectivity Solutions

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Comprehensive healthcare EDI mapping, translation and file transfer automation to connect with every healthcare EDI partner. Exchange any X12 HIPAA EDI of HL7 EDI document with any partner over AS2 and MLLP. Create templates with our drag & drop EDI template wizard to quickly build workflows with insurers & providers once and fully automate them.



Drummond Certification uses interoperability testing to verify transactions maintain security & integrity during AS2 transmission. To achieve this certification, CData Arc successfully conducted thosands of tests so you can rely on stability in production.

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Cutting Edge Mapping & Transformation

Fully-integrated EDI processing supporting all major EDI file formats

Data Mapping and Transformation with CData Arc
  • No-code drag & drop data mapping technology.
  • Expression editor with hundreds of data formatters.
  • Use conditional logic to transform your data dynamically.
  • Customizable to any degree through scripting.
  • Automatic PDF document generation.
  • Comfortably handle CSVs, TSVs, Zip files, and much more.
  • Prebuilt connectors to translate EDI documents from numerous EDI Standards including X12, EDIFACT, HL7, and more.

Rapid End-to-End Integration

Seamless Connectivity with Popular Applications and Databases

  • Easily connect to hundreds of business applications including CRM, ERP, databases, and much more through a no-code, modern, and visual web-based UI.
  • Move data on demand in response to events, webhooks or on a schedule, synchronizing your on-premise and cloud apps, databases, processes, and APIs.
  • Transform data supported by hundreds of data formatters, an intelligent expression editor, drag-and-drop mapping, powerful scripting.
  • Meticulous logging and message tracking allows real-time visibility into the movement of data. Never lose track of a file or request.

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Use CData Arc to securely move data across the enterprise and between trading partners with with best-in-class certified AS2 connectivity. Interested in additional MFT and EDI Integration capabilities? Contact us below, and let's talk.

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