by CData Arc Marketing | September 05, 2018


Making Integration Quick, Easy and Agile

What do you do when a sales manager in your organization wants to view leads within Salesforce that your marketing team generated in Marketo?

If you're like many IT managers, your thoughts immediately turn to the time, effort, and money it'll cost to complete the necessary application-to-application (A2A) integration.

You know you're in for a series of meetings to discuss what the sales manager wants. Then there's planning and developing proof-of-concept using a heavyweight application and presenting your ideas to the sales team. After that, the sales manager will get a chance to comment, and the cycle will start again in an iterative process. Alternatively, you can bring in consultants to do the job at considerable cost.

But what if you could make these A2A integrations so simple that your sales managers-or other business users-could collaborate and set up the integrations with your technical team in real-time?

With CData Arc, you can do exactly that.

Simplifying Integration

CData Arc is an integration solution that provides a suite of connectors that simplify the development, execution, and governance of A2A integrations. It can connect on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within your organization. You can even share data across organizations with customers, partners, and suppliers.

What makes CData Arc so simple to deploy and use?

Simple Installation & Setup

CData Arc quick and easy to install and set up. You can have it up and running with a few clicks and begin configuring your integrations with a no-code, drag-and-drop interface.

Runs On-Premise, or In The Cloud

CData Arc is a web application accessible from anywhere that can be installed on premises, in the cloud or hosted by CData Arc. You can even deploy a hybrid model to connect to applications directly in a DMZ or in the cloud outside your internal network and then move the data to your internal network.

Reusable Integration Building Blocks

CData Arc provides reusable building blocks, called connectors, for creating data flows from one application to the next. Each connector contains everything you need to move files between applications. No longer do you need to do coding to integrate different pieces of the application integration process.

Having a single application to manage all integrations also means there's just one point of failure, simplifying troubleshooting.

Streamlined Configuration

Configuring connectors to meet your application integration requirements is easy. All connectors operate by passing messages from one connection to another. Messages can have any format. But most applications and databases use a relational
that defines a table structure for all the entities they access-whether that's an application or a database-to provide a standard mapping across all application and data types. Extensive support for SQL query language capabilities makes it easy to interact with the data without the need to understand the underlying APIs for each connection.

Using CData Arc, you can configure many simple integrations without programming. An intuitive designer enables you to configure connectors and map data between the source and target tables. Once the connector is configured, CData Arc Connect automates the process of inputting, transforming, and outputting the message.

Support for Multi-Step Workflows

Many A2A integrations take several steps. For example, you may want to move data from NetSuite to Salesforce to give a sales rep access to product information as they sell the product to a customer, and then move the customer's information from Salesforce to Smartsheet to create a work order once the sale closes.

With CData Arc, you can use a common workflow canvas to map all processes that function across the entire application, unlike competitive solutions that require users to configure and view each integration step as an isolated process or event. Our end-to-end workflows provide visibility into all integrations in one place, so you can see how each integration impacts the entire process. Drag and drop capabilities make it easy to set up these workflows.

Pre-Packaged Integrations

Building a multi-step integration from scratch typically requires considerable time and effort. CData Arc comes with a wide range of preconfigured Packaged Integration Flows that perform multi-step A2A integrations such as:

  • Migrating accounts from DynamicsCRM to Salesforce
  • Synchronizing data from Excel to Google spreadsheets
  • Synchronizing Google Drive files to a SharePoint site

Users can easily customize these pre-configured workflows to their own requirements rather than having to create workflows from scratch.

Start Your Integration Today

CData Arc makes the A2A integration process simple enough that even non-technical business users can do it themselves. Now business users can show, not tell, what integrations they want-dramatically accelerating your ability to get them exactly the data they need to make better business decisions.

For more information on how we can help your organization quickly perform simple integrations quickly and easily, check out the latest CData Arc overview video:

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