Exploring Data Integration Patterns

The road to digital transformation is paved with data integration. Whether organizations are looking to streamline internal operations, automate B2B exchanges, or aggregate data in data warehouses, data integration plays an indispensable role.

In this guide, we discuss the four major integration patterns and how best to easily implement them in your business.

The 4 Major Data Integration Patterns

In this guide, you'll learn when and how to employ the major integration patterns to connect your disparate systems with routing, accumulation and orchestration workflows, as well as process data transformations to ensure your data fits the various data models in each system. We'll cover how to get your data where it needs to go and ensure it's fully accessible once it gets there using:

  • App-to-App Integrations
  • Asynchronous Publish-Subscribe Channels
  • Exchange Transform Load (ETL/ELT)
  • Remote Web Services & APIs

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