Integrated E-Commerce: Automate B2B Processes

EDI doesn't have to be an obstacle to e-commerce with CData Arc. Learn how you can simplify e-commerce partner compliance, reduce chargebacks from platforms like Amazon Vendor Central, and automate away manual order entries.

In this webinar, our integration specialists cover how to automate away manual EDI data entry by linking your e-commerce apps like Shopify & BigCommerce with your EDI partners.

E-Commerce Workflows, Simplified

We'll demonstrate a step-by-step EDI to e-commerce workflow and cover how to:

  • Connect with retail e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon Vendor Central & Seller Central, Target, Overstock, Walmart, and Etsy
  • Link apps like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento with partner EDI processes
  • Auto-generate, exchange, and route EDI files like invoices, shipping orders and inventory information
  • Centrally manage all your EDI partner connections in one platform
  • And slash your EDI costs in the process


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