Simplifying Logistics & Supply Chain Challenges with CData Arc


End-to-End Supply Chain Automation

Automation is the key to ensuring that your logistics workflows are executed with speed, accuracy, and responsiveness. CData Arc integrates internal and external back-end systems, automates outbound messaging and file transfer, and gives your team peace of mind that your supply chain is running like a well-oiled machine.

In this webinar, you’ll explore how CData Arc’s simple, approachable B2B integration tools help you to quickly get started automating and streamlining your logistics communications. Join us to dive into:

  • How B2B integration allows logistics providers to more efficiently work with partners, regardless of their preferred systems or document types,
  • The benefits of end-to-end automation, including increased efficiency, reduced risk, and improved customer and partner satisfaction,
  • How logistics providers leveraging CData Arc benefit from simple, yet powerful B2B automation,
  • And how to get started with pre-built, fully customizable sample flows from CData Arc.

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