Managed File Transfer and Cloud Storage


Implement your strategy for data movement, and cohesively manage all critical file transfers from a central, modern managed file transfer platform. Leverage file transfer protocols like AS2, SFTP, OFTP, and cloud storage services like S3 and Azure Blob alike to modernize your enterprise file transfers and manage them all from a single application.

CData Arc Managed File Transfer

Join us for a look at how to easily secure and manage all your critical enterprise file transfers in one place. Then, see how you can quickly integrate with popular cloud storage platforms like Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Dropbox, and more - right through simple FTP, SFTP, or AS2 clients and servers.

The webinar includes a short presentation and demonstration, followed by an open Q&A session. Feel free to use the Q&A section of the webinar to ask questions via text at any point during the presentation.

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