EDI Mapping and Data Transformation Flows

Arc Flows often involve converting one data format into another, like converting EDI data into a CSV file, or integrating a Flat File with a database.

Arc provides a streamlined approach to all data transformation Flows, using XML as an intermediary medium for the conversion. This article includes a short video demonstrating the principles involved in any data transformation Flow, followed by a bullet-point list of major take-aways.

Mapping Overview Video

The following video provides a comprehensive overview of data transformation in Arc:


Key takeaways from the video:

  • XML is the common 'medium' for manipulating and transforming data
  • Many of Arc's connectors support modeling different data formats as XML: EDI Connectors (X12, EDIFACT, etc), CSV Connector, JSON Connector, etc
  • The XML Map Connector performs the actual data transformation step
  • Database INSERTs and SELECTs are automatically modeled as XML by the database connectors
  • The Upload Test File feature in file-format connectors (e.g. X12) allows for creating XML Map templates
  • A full Flow will typically have 3 connectors that perform the following functions:
    1. Convert the starting format into XML
    2. Map the XML into a different structure
    3. Convert the mapped XML into the ending format

Next Steps

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Make sure to check out the XML Map Connector documentation for more details on the features available during a mapping project.

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