Configuring support for TLS 1.2

Configuring support for TLS 1.2

Enable the TLS 1.2 protocol for individual Ports.

Date Entered: 5/03/2017    Last Updated: 5/03/2017

Configuring Ports to Use TLS 1.2

To configure a Port to use TLS 1.2, navigate to the Advanced tab for the port and scroll down to the SSL Enabled Protocols property. Click to enable the appropriate protocols based on the service and/or server you are connecting to.

Configuring Your Machine to Use TLS 1.2

If you need to configure the enabled SSL protocols for the machine hosting Arc, you will need to adjust the available protocols and ciphers on the machine. For Windows, you can find the registry entries for individual ciphers in the Microsoft forums:

If you have specific security concerns, please reach out to our support team and a member of our team can assist you in making sure that your applications are using the best security technologies for your applications.

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