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Schedule & Automate MFT Processes

Tap the power of automation to streamline your file transfers, save time, and reduce manual errors.

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Electronic Data Interchange with CData Arc

Automation Made Easy

CData Arc MFT brings powerful automation capabilities to FTP, SFTP, and more. Automate repetitive tasks that pull IT resources from core projects, with reliability and security assured.

Flexible Capabilities to Support for any File Automation

  • Multi-Step Automations

    Create & manage multi-step, conditional automations, easily view & change conditions and values at each step.

  • Create and Manage APIs

    Create APIs with the click of a button to connect your custom apps with your IT ecosystem.

  • Powerful Triggers & Webhooks

    Create webhooks and trigger automations with flexible event-based processing.

  • Job Management & Workspaces

    Easily handle multiple automations at once and manage them in separate workspaces or combine them into a unified workflow.

  • Automate Email

    Auto send secure alerts & emails to partners and internal teams as files come in, processes execute, conditions are met, errors are handled, and more.

  • Execute Bulk/Batch Files

    Easily transfer very large messages (VLMs) across databases & apps, and upload & download bulk/batch files.

  • Process Spreadsheets

    Process XML data, CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and more - easily translate and map documents between formats and send & receive any file.

  • Handle File & Database I/O

    Move files to CData Arc SFTP & FTP servers, and simplify processes with intuitive file-based integrations.

Managed File Transfer Connectors

Embedded connectors that support a wide range of transfer protocols and transfer files securely over AS2, OFTP, and more!

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