by CData Arc Marketing | January 31, 2020

CData Arc 2020 Update

Arc 2020 Updates

We are excited to kick off 2020 with a feature-packed update, which adds a host of robust, new application & data connectors, widely requested new UI/UX enhancements, and new licensing options for our popular CData Arc Core framework.

New Features and Updates

Building on the successes of 2019, the latest version adds several new connectors that greatly simplify complex functionality and introduces features that refine the user experience for building & managing workflows. 

2020 Updates Include:

  • New Core+ Licensing: Core functionality + parallel processing and remote API access with new, affordable Core+ licensing.
  • ACH Connector: Process payment batches directly from your business workflow by translating NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) files into XML and vice versa.
  • Cloud Storage Connectors: Two new connectors that upload to, and download from, the Azure Blob and Google Cloud storage services.
  • CData Connector: Connect to hundreds of applications, databases, and data sources using CData's ODBC or JDBC drivers.
  • Additional Connectors: Easily interact with files on disk or in a shared directory with the File Connector, merge and split XML files with the Merge and Split Connectors respectively, receive data from HTTP webhooks with the Webhook Connector, and much more with a range of new connectors that improve the granularity with which you can control your business data.
  • UI/UX Improvements: Select, edit, and copy multiple connectors directly from the Flows page with the new multi-select feature. Now, it is easier than ever to move, clone, and edit several connectors at the same time.

Current CData Arc customers with an active subscription can download the latest release to take advantage of these new features free of charge. Download the latest 2020 release to make use of the latest features. Cloud hosting options for CData Arc are available on Amazon AWS. On-demand Azure licensing will be available later this quarter.

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