by CData Arc Marketing | July 29, 2020

CData Arc July 2020 Update

The latest update features powerful new capabilities that expand the ecommerce and B2B connectivity of CData Arc. Major updates this release include the introduction of an all-new Form Connector for designing and deploying secure web forms, and new electronic payment processing capabilities for integrating with major payment platforms.

Introducing Secure Web Forms

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As much as we try to digitize and automate digital integration processes, there are still times when manual interaction is required. Whether it is for manual data entry, or a stopping point for input in and business approval workflow, organizations need the ability to plug human interactivity directly into processes.

That is why we are excited to release the new Form Connector. With the new Arc Form Connector, customers can design and deploy publicly accessible, data-driven, secure web forms that are fully integrated with your Arc workflow. Form input is stored in a common message format, which can then be integrated into any database, workflow, or back-office system.

Use the new secure forms capabilities of Arc to modernize your EDI and trading partner connectivity.

Invoice to Payment

Payment processing is a critical component of any digital business. The new Arc Payment Connector provides seamless payment processing integration with major payment electronic payment providers like Stripe, Authorize.NET, Chase Paymentech Orbital, Cyber Source, and others. Future versions of the payment connector will support reporting as well, enabling tighter integration of financial accounting processes like transaction reconciliation.

Additional Updates

  • IBM MQ Connector: Push messages to data queues and pull messages from queues over the IBM MQ protocol.
  • UI Upgrades: Organize your workflows with resizable connectors and descriptions.
  • Additional Connectors: Validate XML documents, TCP Server endpoint, and interact with remote RSS & Atom feeds with our latest connectors.

Current CData Arc customers with an active subscription can download the latest release to take advantage of these new features free of charge. Download the latest 2020 release to make use of the latest features. Cloud hosting options for CData Arc are available on Amazon AWS and on Azure.

New Technical Content

In addition to the recent product updates, we have started putting together new video content focussed on solving specific business challenges with CData Arc. Since the last update we have released a three-part webinar series on EDI Integration that you can watch on-demand.

Our engineering team will release new webinars every few weeks. If you have a specific topic that you would like to see us cover, please let us know.

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