by CData Arc Marketing | November 15, 2021

End-to-end E-Commerce Integration with CData Arc


It shouldn't come as a surprise that the e-commerce market is continuing to grow rapidly. Digital retail solutions have become especially prevalent during the pandemic, as consumers and businesses alike have had no choice but to fulfill their buying needs online.

According to Gartner, both B2B and B2C organizations are seeing 45% of their annual revenue from digital channels, increasing 36% from 2019. Facing mounting challenges brought on by COVID-19, B2B companies are taking a hint from B2C merchants and digitally transforming their retail initiatives. The same Gartner report states that by 2024, 15% of B2B organizations will leverage e-commerce platforms to support their sales activities, while 75% will be selling directly to customers via digital commerce by 2025.

No matter how far along your B2B organization is in your e-commerce initiatives, customer success should always be at the forefront of your efforts. Online customers have come to demand quick, easy, and personalized experiences with your brand, and your business operations must keep up.

This article discusses how organizations can focus on customer and partner success in the e-commerce space by increasing the efficiency of B2B interchanges with automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) processes with CData Arc.

Robust E-Commerce Automation

With CData Arc, your organization can automate e-commerce processes for inventory management, shipping notifications, invoicing, and much more.

Recently, we announced the addition of the CData Arc Shopify connector to our connectivity platform. Now we're proud to provide customers with connectivity to two more essential e-commerce platforms: BigCommerce and Magento. These new connectors allow for the automation of your back-office retail operations, enabling your online storefront to become more efficient and creating delightful experiences for your partners and customers.

CData Arc resides between your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and e-commerce platforms like Magento or BigCommerce, keeping the data between systems synchronized. When CData Arc receives orders, your ERP is automatically updated to mirror the status of products in stock and the appropriate billing and accounting systems are notified for invoicing. This real-time synchronization allows product, sales, and supply chain teams to make actionable decisions based on the most accurate data possible. The transparent "paper" trail also ensures that customers, suppliers, and business leaders are fully informed across every step of a purchase.

CData Arc's drag-and-drop visual workflow designer makes it easy to design, deploy, and execute automated B2B processes and improve e-commerce connectivity. In addition, since CData Arc is designed for business users, it can be built and managed by any stakeholder in the organization, thus empowering the business to take control of their partner and customer relationships.

The new e-commerce connectors like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify, enable both B2B and B2C online retailers to keep critical business data up to date, increase operational efficiencies, and focus on customer success.

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