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X12 EDI 846

What is an EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry?

The X12 EDI 846 Inventory Advice is an EDI document that conveys information on the inventory levels of goods stocked by a supplier, both broadly and within specific warehouse locations.

How is EDI 846 Used?

The EDI 846 is used in a variety of scenarios by suppliers to effectively inform their purchasers on the supplier's inventory levels, including goods stocked and those on order for a future date. For example, the EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry is implemented:

  • By sellers to provide inventory details to a potential customer
  • By a seller's delegates to give the seller inventory details
  • By one seller's warehouse to provide their inventory levels to another location
  • By a seller to investigate the accessibility of inventory

EDI 846 Benefits

Both the purchaser and the supplier benefit from implementing electronic trading of the inventory advice. Some of the benefits include:

  • The supplier is able to advise when products are out of stock or no longer being offered
  • Better planning of warehouse and store ordering
  • Purchasers know when a product will be available again if it's out of stock
  • Improved management of eCommerce drop shipping and JIT delivery
  • Allows the purchaser to automatically update live information on their website based on live warehouse data: quantity available, items out of stock, or remove items from the site
  • Gives the ability to order non-stock items

Key Data Elements You'll Find in an Inventory Inquiry:

  • ID number
  • Inventory date
  • Updated inventory amount
  • Product item identifiers: UPC/EAN/GTIN together with their respective quantities
  • Item description & quantities
  • Quantity of items currently on order
  • Quantity of an item on backorder
  • Quantity of inventory in transit
  • Committed inventory
  • Pending returns
  • Inventory location ID

Additional Data Also Included in the Inventory Inquiry:

  • Vendor number
  • Suspended Items
  • Supplier warehouse locations, including on-hand quantities by item
  • Out-of-stock items & their restock dates
  • Item identifiers, including buyer item number & vendor part number
  • Item specifications

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