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X12 EDI 999

What is an EDI 999 Implementation Acknowledgment?

The EDI 999 Implementation Acknowledgement document is used in healthcare to provide confirmation that a file was received. It is similar to the broader X12 EDI 997 FA, however, the 999 gives additional information about potential errors in the received transaction.

How is EDI 999 Used?

The EDI 999 transaction set can specifically be used to describe the control structures for a set of acknowledgments to show the results of the syntactical and relational analysis of the documents encoded electronically. The encoded documents are the transaction sets, put together in functional groups that define transactions for business data interchange.

The 999 Acknowledgement gives the following results:

  • Accepted (A)
  • Rejected (R)
  • Accepted with errors (E)

EDI 999 Benefits

Both the health insurer and care provider can improve order processing efficiency by using the 999 Implementation Acknowledgment. Healthcare providers can get informed if a document is late or even accepted with errors.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Quick problem-solving
  • More time to consider possible system issues
  • Increased accuracy in communications between the insurer and healthcare provider on patient care that was delivered
  • Increased accuracy in billing codes & treatment plans

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