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In 2012, IATA created the IATA Cargo XML standard to replace the IATA Cargo-IMP standard. In 2014, IATA released its 34th edition to IATA Cargo-IMP and announced that was the last update to the protocol, with all further updates moving to IATA Cargo XML.


The launch of IATA Cargo XML was designed to end the aviation industry's reliance on an EDIFACT-based system and instead update to a more modern web-first standard. IATA CARGO XML, labeled the New Distribution Capability, is part of IATA's broader Simplifying the Business initiative, originated in 2004 to increase efficiency throughout aviation. It includes innovations such as electronic tickets, bar-coded boarding passes and new self-service baggage options, among others.

The IATA Cargo XML standard enables the same choices to be offered to high street travel shoppers as to those who book directly through airline websites.