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GISB Protocol

What is GISB?

GISB is a secure, full-powered transport protocol that incorporates a range of crucial security features, including:

  • PGP encryption
  • Non-repudiation via delivery acknowledgement (MDNs) from the recipient
  • Batch Browsers - used to securely send messages either on regularly scheduled intervals or using event-driven processes
  • Defined recommendations for failure/retry

Similar to AS2, GISB does require the recipient to have a web/CGI server available online to receive incoming data. GISB is considered a modern protocol and allows users to transmit data using a standard web browser.


The GISB standard was first developed by the Gas Industry Standards Board, or GISB, which is now known as the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), as it incorporates a broader focus on the energy industry, as well as the gas industry.

GISB Status and Popularity

GISB is a modern standard that played a major role in influencing the developement of AS2, which incorporated many of its capabilities.

Who Uses GISB?

GISB is a specialty managed file transfer (MFT) protocol commonly used by major players in the oil & gas industry to send and receive files & data, especially EDI documents. It is not typically used outside of oil & gas exchanges.