by CData Arc Marketing | January 31, 2022

New Native Zoho CRM Connectivity

New Native ZohoCRM Connectivity

Zoho is a modern CRM platform that provides a unified solution delivering exceptional experiences to customer across all stages of their lifecycle to convert them into brand advocates.

The all-new CData Arc connector for Zoho CRM enables the use of Zoho data across CData Arc solutions, enabling customers to easily access and orchestrate data flows using their Zoho CRM data.

Simple Set-Up

It's easy to get started leveraging your Zoho CRM data within CData Arc. Simply drag the Zoho CRM connector onto the CData Arc design palette, create and name a new connection, save your changes, and you're ready to go.

Interact with your Zoho CRM in CData Arc

There are five primary ways to interact with Zoho CRM data in CData Arc:

  1. Inserts and Updates: If a record or table already exists in Zoho CRM, an update is performed on the existing data using the values provided from the input to the target table inside of the Zoho application.
  2. Lookup: The Lookup action retrieves a value from Zoho CRM and inserts that value into an existing CData Arc flow.
  3. Select : The Select action retrieves data from Zoho CRM and brings it into CData Arc for transportation and use in other applications, targets, or source systems. CData Arc supports simple and advanced filtering, along with aggregation. Examples include:
    1. Filtering : Robust filtering capabilities allow users to choose which data from a selected action continues in the workflow.
    2. Group Filtering : To refine filter requirements, users can create a group filter based on rule types.
    3. XML Aggregation : Some columns appear in the Zoho CRM connector with the XML aggregate icon </> next to their names. In contrast to a standard single-element column, an aggregate column contains a collection of entities. CData Arc provides visibility into the aggregate column, allowing users to leverage the column within their data flow.
  4. Execute Stored Procedures : The Execute Stored Procedures action treats data coming into Zoho CRM as input for a stored procedure. It then executes the procedure and passes the result down the flow (if applicable). The result of the store procedure is easily seen and found as inputs into the CData Arc source tree.
  5. Advanced Features : CData Arc provides an array of advanced options to meet more complex data requirements for Zoho CRM data connectivity. Examples include:
    1. XML Modeling Support : The Zoho CRM connector models the Zoho CRM tables in CData Arc as XML. This establishes a connection between XML elements and Zoho CRM values, allowing the connector to read values from incoming XML documents and use them to insert or update queries.
    2. Batch Inputting and Outputting : The batching feature improves performance when inserting large sets of data. When querying for output, the connector may be configured to support batching records together into a single document.
    3. Child Table Interactions : CData Arc can select, filter, update, and insert data to and from child tables inside of Zoho CRM as part of the data flow.
    4. Process Only New or Updated Data : CData Arc can be configured to only retrieve records that have been updated or added recently, ensuring that the latest data is being used bi-directionally between Zoho CRM and downstream systems and business processes.

To get started with the Zoho CRM connector for CData Arc, download your free trial today.