by CData Software | March 03, 2023

Free Webinar: Automate Compliant EDI Workflows with CData Arc

Like many healthcare organizations, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of New Jersey faced challenges to quickly exchange sensitive information with external partners securely and accurately. That is until they discovered that automated B2B integration makes it easier to coordinate insurance claims across their healthcare network without compromising data via human errors and security threats — ultimately facilitating fast patient care with fewer delays.

When you need to integrate data, CData is here to help.

CData Arc is a modern EDI and MFT B2B integration platform that automates communications between internal and external business systems. CData Arc allows your organization to connect directly with your partners across 85+ applications and systems for end-to-end integration — on-premises or in the cloud.

B2B Integration Solutions for Your Healthcare Organization

Join us in our upcoming webinar to discover how CData Arc enabled Horizon BCBS of New Jersey to automate FHIR-compliant document exchange with their healthcare partners in just six weeks.

In this free webinar, you’ll join CData Product Marketing Manager Matt Springfield to:

  • Review Blue Cross Blue Shield’s EDI solution with CData Arc.
  • Learn why your current EDI approach may cause more headaches and risk than necessary.
  • Explore how an intuitive drag-and-drop platform simplifies B2B compliance for strictly-regulated industries.
  • Discover ways to automate and coordinate with business partners accurately and worry-free.

To get inspired on how you can utilize CData Arc to transform your healthcare partnerships, register today for our free webinar on Wednesday, April 4 at 2pm ET.