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Tradacoms is an early EDI standard developed for retail. Today, it's primarily used in the UK retail sector, despite being essentially replaced worldwide by EDIFACt. It was originally one of the precursors to the UN/EDIFACT standard and has since been deprecated in favor of the EDIFACT EANCOM subsets. Despite this TRADACOMS is still used for the majority of UK-specific retail scenarios.

Industries Using TRADACOMS

  • Retail

Types of TRADACOMS Transactions

TRADACOMS covers a broad set of data exchanges for retailers, including:

  • Order information and acknowledgements
  • Delivery notifications and communications
  • Invoices and payment orders
  • Pricing information
  • Product information
  • Stock adjustments and snapshots
  • Utility bills
  • And more


  • Originally created in 1982 as an implementation of the UN/GTDI syntax, an early version of EDIFACT
  • Development effectively ceased in 1995 though, in favor of EDIFACT

Governing Body

  • The UN

TRADACOMS Transactions List