TRADACOMS provides a set of EDI messages similar to EANCOM and standardizes communicates for the retail and publishing industries in the United Kingdom.

Message 931 BIC Description
ACKMNT Acknowledgement of Order
AVLDET Availability Report
BTOERS Book Trade Order
CORDER Complex Order
CRAINF Credit Advice
CREDIT Credit Note
CUSINF Customer Information
DELIVR Delivery Notification
DLCDET Delivery Confirmation
DRAINF Debit Advice
EXCINF Exception Condition
GENRAL General Communications
INVOIC Invoice
LPRDET Location Planning Report
PAYINF Payment Order
PICKER Picking Instructions
PPRDET Product Planning Report
PRIINF Price Information
PROINF Product Information
PVUINF Book Trade Price & Availability Updates
RSGRSG Reconciliation Message
SADDET Stock Adjustment
SNPSTS Stock Snapshot
SRMINF Statement/Remittance Details
UCNDET Uplift Confirmation
UPLIFT Uplift Instructions
UTLBIL Utility Bill