Document Processing

Generate and process documents on the fly from pre-configured templates.

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If you are creating labels, purchase orders, barcodes, or spreadsheets, CData Arc will generate these automatically from pre-configured templates. The application will fill the templates with text, barcodes, etc. based on data as it arrives into your system.

No need to write code or learn a fancy scripting language to process documents. Simply create your template and start generating your documents today with CData Arc document generation technology.

Generate PDFs

Create invoices, sales orders, and labels on the fly from data you received or data in your own system using CData Arc. Setup is easy, just configure a template and go.

Dynamic Excel Spreadsheets

If you need to fill an Excel spreadsheet dynamically with data from your database or trading partner, CData Arc can do this by simply setting up a template for it to process.

Flexible Document Templates

Templates can support various conditional logic statements so that changes in the data can automatically update certain formats in portions of the template.

Real-Time Processing

Generate documents on the fly without having to manually intervene and format the documents. No more waiting on someone to produce documents you need to continue with your business processes.

Reliable Consistency

Ensure your documents are created with the correct formatting and data with CData Arc.