End-To-End Integration

CData Arc automates pushing data
into and out of your back-end data store.

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Whether your business stores its data in a database, an ERP system, or some proprietary data store, CData Arc can automatically populate that store with data as it is received from other applications or businesses. It also can pull data from your data store and transform it to a format that can be read by other applications or businesses.

When selecting a solution for your EDI translation needs, you need something easy to understand and flexible. Our quick setup and flexible scripting allows highly customizable processing of documents. It can be as simple or as flexible as you need to effectively communicate and transfer data to your partner.

Many Sources

CData Arc can connect to many different data stores and platforms including databases, ERP systems, and files. If you have data stored in a custom format, we also have something for you.


Integration with your back-end data store must be flexible as most companies have custom internal processes for storing and moving data. CData Arc has a simple scripting language built in allowing you to customize triggers to fit your needs.

Transform Data

Easily transform data from your data store into an XML format that can be read by other applications or businesses.


Connections to your data store are made using secure connection options that support a variety of authentication mechanisms. CData Arc also has a rich set of filters to compartmentalize the data it has access to.


Trust that your data is being treated with care as CData Arc has been thoroughly tested using our regression testing technology.