by CData Arc Marketing | February 12, 2018

CData Arc (formerly RSSBus Connect) 2018 Released!

CData Arc 2018 has arrived, and it is better than ever! This release builds on a rock-solid foundation of secure managed file transfer and B2B messaging, and delivers a vast array of new integration and connectivity capabilities.

CData Arc 2018 Highlights

Arc screenshot

Visual Flow Designer

The new CData Arc 2018 Flow Designer represents a giant leap forward in usability and design.
The Flow Designer provides an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for designing message flows.
Through the Flow Designer, users can now connect application and mapping functions through an intuitive
visual canvas.

Prefer to connect connectors through the connector configuration or APIs? Not to worry, connection and transformation connectors can still be configured through the traditional interfaces.

Free Mapping & Translation

In addition to the new Flow Designer, we have made some significant changes our licensing that make the Mapping & Translation capabilities of CData Arc a no-brainer.

With CData Arc 2018, we now segment connectors into two distinct categories; Connection, and Transformation. The 2018 release is licensed based on the number of configured connections. Transformation connectors (available in the Standard Edition and beyond) will no longer count towards your connector limit. This move paves the way for users to configure advanced mapping and translation, and for systems integrators to take advantage of all of the powerful connectivity features that CData Arc has to offer.

New App Connectivity & Packaged Integrations

New databases and SaaS applications are hitting the market every day. To keep pace with rapidly evolving applications we are working to support new delivery methods for CData Arc extensibility. Connectors may now be downloaded from our online connector repository. This repository includes connection and transformation connectors that can extend the core capabilities of CData Arc.

In addition, we are excited to release a new set of packaged integrations that include everything needed jumpstart your next integration project.

Interested in connectivity with a new or unsupported application, database, or SaaS service? Let us know and we can explore your connectivity requirements

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