Edig@s Messages

The Edig@s standard is a collection of electronic EDI messages used to send and receive operational data between trading partners in the gas industry.

Message Version Description
2.2 3.0 3.1 3.2 4.0
ACCPOS Account Position Message
ALOCAT Allocation Message
APERAK Application Error & Acknowledgment Message
AVAILY Availability Message
CHACAP Changed Capacity Message
CONTRL Syntax and Service Report Message
DAYREP Daily Report Message
DELORD Delivery Order Message
DELRES Delivery Order Response Message
FLORAT Flow Rate Limit Message
GASDAT Gasdata Message
GASREQ Gasdata Request Message
GENRAL General Purpose Message
IMBNOT Imbalance Notice Message
INVATT Attachment to Invoice Message
INVOIC Invoice Message
NOMINT Nomination Message
NOMRES Nomination Response Message
QALNOT Quality Deficient Gas Notice
QALTAK Quality Deficient Gas Take Notice
REQEST Request Message
REQRES Request Response Message
TRANCO Trader's Net Confirmation Notice
TRANTR Trader's Net Trade Notice