IATA Cargo-IMP Messages

IATA CARGO IMP is an EDI standard for automated cargo data exchange. Messages include flight manifest, embargo, customs, surface transportation & more.

Message 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Description
CAC CASS Advice of Correction
CIR Customs Inventory Report
CSI Customs Supplementary Information
CSN Customs Status Notification
DCM CASS Debit or Credit Memorandum
FAC Airline Confirmation
FAD Advice of Discrepancy
FAI Freight Agent Information
FAR Adjustment Request
FAS Freight Agent Supplementary Information
FBL Freight Booked List
FBR Freight Booked List Request
FBV Courier Baggage Voucher
FCA Charges Correction Acknowledgement
FCB Freight CASS Billing
FCC Charges Correction Request
FCI CASS Invoice
FCR CASS Remittance
FCV CASS Void/Cancel Air Waybill
FDA Discrepancy Answer
FDD Declaration for Dangerous Goods Data
FFA AWB Space Allocation Answer
FFM Airline Flight Manifest
FFR AWB Space Allocation Request
FFT Freight Transaction
FHL Consolidation List
FMA Message Acknowledgement
FMB Notification of Embargo
FMC Change of Embargo
FMR Piece Manifest Request
FMX Cancellation of Embargo
FNA Error
FOA Allotment Information Answer
FOR Allotment Information Request
FPA Piece Status Answer
FPM Piece Manifest
FPR Piece Status Request
FPU Piece Status Update
FQA Shipment Charge Calculation Answer
FQR Shipment Charge Calculation Request
FRA Supplementary Rate Information Answer
FRP Irregularity Report
FRR Supplementary Rate Information Request
FSA Status Answer
FSB Substitute Air Waybill Data
FSL Multiple Status Update List
FSR Status Request
FSU Status Update
FTA Rate Information Answer
FTR Rate Information Request
FUA ULD Space Allocation Answer
FUM Unit Load Device Manifest
FUR ULD Space Allocation Request
FVA Schedule and Availability Information Answer
FVR Schedule and Availability Information Request
FWB Air Waybill Data
FWC Air Waybill Charges Collect
FWR Air Waybill Data Request
FXX Cancellation
FYT CCS Free Text
FZA House Waybill Data Request
FZB House Waybill Data
FZC House Waybill Status Request
FZD House Waybill Status Answer
FZE House Waybill Status Update
MAM Mail Advisory
MLD Mail Label Data
SBA Surface Transportation Booking Answer
SBR Surface Transportation Booking Request
SCI Surface Transportation Charges Information
SPA Surface Transportation Planning Answer
SPR Surface Transportation Planning Request
SPX Surface Transportation Planning Cancellation
SSU Surface Transportation Status Update
STA General Status Answer
STM Surface Transportation Movement
STR General Status Request