Accelerating Sales Growth with Easy Purchase Order Automation from CData Arc


Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring HealthSource Distributors, a leading player in the healthcare industry, as they share their journey to achieving 40% sales growth with CData Arc. Learn how HealthSource’s IT team replaced legacy software and leveraged CData Arc to streamline their purchase order and invoicing processes, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Healthsource Distributors Achieves Seamless EDI Integration 

In this webinar, CData Technical Evangelist Matt Springfield will join Robb Miller, HealthSource Distributors Director of IT, and Eric Buxton, HealthSource Distributors Lead Application Developer, to discuss how CData Arc solved the organization's EDI challenges.

You'll learn: 

  • How HealthSource modernized their EDI process with CData Arc to streamline communication with customers, manufacturers, and trading partners.
  • How they quickly achieved seamless EDI integration, adapted to changing market demands with agile B2B workflow development, and gained deep insights for strategic planning using CData Arc.
  • How CData Arc helped them unlock new opportunities, onboard customers faster, and increase average order values, leading to remarkable sales growth. 

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