Any File, Any Protocol

Fast, Secure Data Movement

Easily and quickly transfer files over any protocol. Drummond-Certified AS2 & AS4. High-speed FTP/S, SFTP & much more!

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Electronic Data Interchange with CData Arc

Data Movement Made Easy

Arc MFT simplifies file transfers with comprehensive capabilities for any protocol, moves files anywhere that matters, connects with partners & facilitates file-based integration.

A Complete MFT Solution

  • Developer API - Extend and Embed Data Connectivity

    Want to easily import & export files right in your app? Now you can. Our developer API and embeddable connectors allow you to easily integrate CData Arc into your internal processes or embed connectors into your product offering. And the API also allows full control over configuring and monitoring the application.

  • Deploy on AWS, in Azure or as Microservices in Containers

    Moving on-premise servers to Azure or AWS can reduce the operational costs of managing infrastructure, increase availability with the ability to specify multiple nodes per cluster and deliver rapid scalability. CData Arc fully supports deployment on AWS Marketplace or Azure, as well as via popular containerization with tools such as Docker to segment your transfers however you like.

  • High-Performance Connectivity

    CData Arc offers the fastest, most reliable data movement in the industry - built on blazing-fast CData Driver technology.

  • Any Data Source, Any Destination

    Connect to Anything: CRM, ERP, Accounting, Marketing, Collaboration, Social, NoSQL Databases, Data Warehouses, Files, Cloud Storage, and more!

  • Outstanding Support

    CData Arc is backed by our outstanding support team and an extensive set of resources including online documentation, an online knowledge base, and pre-packaged integration flows.

  • Easy Setup - Get Started in Just Minutes

    Intuitive, low-code flow designer takes you from installation to secure partner communication in under 30 minutes. Plug in, configure and go!

  • Pre-Packaged Integrations

    Leverage any of our pre-built data movement templates to quickly move files to & from your partners via dozens of applications.

  • Execute Bulk/Batch Files

    Easily transfer very large messages (VLMs) across databases & apps, and upload & download bulk/batch files.

  • Process Spreadsheets

    Process XML data, CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and more - easily translate and map documents between formats and send & receive any file.

  • Handle File & Database I/O

    Move files to Arc SFTP & FTP servers, and simplify processes with intuitive file-based integrations.


Get started today with CData Arc Core, our full-powered toolkit, complete with FTP & SFTP clients.

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Managed File Transfer Connectors

Embedded connectors that support a wide range of transfer protocols and transfer files securely over AS2, OFTP, and more!

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