EDI リソースセンター


What is an EDI CONTRL Specification?

The EDI CONTRL message is an EDIFACT EDI document that is sent in reply to all other incoming EDI messages. It acknowledges receipt of an EDI document.

How is CONTRL Used?

A CONTRL message is used to:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of an interchange, or EDI message
  • Accept or reject an obtained interchange
  • List any errors that appear internally

EDI CONTRL Specification Benefits

EDI transactions deal with vital business exchanges between trading partners, and to do business, organizations need proof that their messages are received by their EDI partners. The EDIFACT CONTRL specification is used in broader EDI communications between international (non-U.S.) trading partners to deliver that proof.

Note, when you receive an EDIFACT CONTRL message in response to a transaction you previously sent to an EDI partner, you only know that your document arrived and was processed by the recipient's EDI translator. It does not provide any indication that the trading partner agrees with the_ contents_ of the prior transaction, or that the transaction met all of their business requirements. For example, a CONTRL message sent in response to an ORDERS Purchase Order would not indicate that a vendor has agreed to fulfill the PO.

CONTRL Benefits

EDI trading partners can have proof that their trading partners have received their previous documents. Retailers can get informed if the document is late or even accepted with errors.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Quick problem-solving
  • More time to consider possible system issues
  • Increased order accuracy that helps to save time and money
  • Improved EDI reliability and non-repudiation

Key Data Elements You'll Find in an EDI CONTRL Specification:

In addition to basic acknowledgment of receipt, The CONTRL document provides error reporting at a granular level, allowing problem resolution. It covers critical information, such as:

  • Reports errors
  • Missing data elements
  • Types of acknowledgment
  • Transaction set syntax errors

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