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What is an EDI DESADV Specification?

EDIFACT is the predominant EDI document standard for EDI partner exchanges between international partners (outside of the U.S.).

The EDI DESADV is an EDIFACT EDI message that specifies details for goods despatched or ready for dispatch under agreed conditions. The United Nations EDIFACT Dispatch Advice Message works as a specification for Delivery Dispatch Advice and as a Returns Dispatch Advice message as well.

How is DESADV Used?

The ASN is an EDIFACT electronic data interchange (EDI) message ensures goods sent by a supplier are aligned with the purchase order (EDIFACT ORDERS) made by their distributor/retailer partners. DESADV is one of the most applicable messages in all kinds of business transactions, particularly in the retail and automotive industries.


  • Retailers can easily check if the goods they will receive match their purchase order. (EDIFACT tracks both documents so that the customer is notified for every error).
  • Warehouses can plan the offloading of new products in advance as they acquire information. As a result, the reception process speeds up while space and human resources are optimized. This helps to better control stock.
  • Suppliers also benefit from using ASN, as product delivery activities are improved, thanks to faster, automated EDI processes.
  • Receivers can check all data and prepare processes before goods arrive (shipments can be canceled before transport starts, if necessary).

Key Data Elements You'll Find in an EDI DESADV Specification:

  • PO number
  • Ship notice number
  • Ship from/supplier
  • Ship & delivery date
  • Location where the product will be sent
  • Product identifiers: UPC/EAN/GTIN with their respective quantities

Additional Data Also Included in EDI DESADV Specification:

  • Vendor number
  • Tracking numbers & service levels
  • Freight terms
  • Product description
  • Item identifiers including buyer item number & vendor part number

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