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What is an EDI ORDERS Specification?

EDI ORDERS is an EDIFACT EDI message used to place a purchase order.

How is ORDERS Used?

UN-EDIFACT is the de facto international (non-U.S.) EDI standard used to place standard EDI purchase orders. Retailers, purchasers, distributors, warehouses, and others use the ORDERS document to specify details for goods/services ordered.

EDI ORDERS Specification Benefits

The EDI ORDERS Specification offers benefits for both the purchaser and the supplier:

  • Purchase transactions are finished in much faster timelines
  • Less paper flow volume to complete transactions by both parties
  • Less time spent to manually submit orders (buyer) and manually enter order data (supplier) - as a result, teams can focus on value-added work
  • Distributors and suppliers can reduce inventory and better implement a Just-In-Time delivery model
  • Avoiding data-entry errors connected with manual processes

Key Data Elements You'll Find in an EDI ORDERS Specification:

  • PO number
  • PO date
  • Billing & shipping details
  • Vendor information & number
  • Payment terms
  • Location where the products/services are being sent
  • Product item identifiers like UPC/EAN/GTIN together with their corresponding amounts

Additional Data Also Included in the EDI ORDERS Specification:

  • Items ordered & price
  • Item description
  • Quantities ordered
  • Discounts
  • Carrier details & info

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