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X12 EDI 204

What is an EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender?

The EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender transaction set communicates a request to a full truckload carrier for the movement of a shipment. The Tender is sent from a manufacturer, a retailer, or a distribution center. However, it can be used by any company that wants to have goods shipped. The EDI 204 includes all relevant information about the shipment requirements & costs to ensure the carrier is able to make an informed decision.

How is EDI 204 Used?

The EDI 204 transaction set allows shippers and other parties to provide shipment information to a full load motor carrier. It can also be used for a number of logistics purposes, including:

  • To cancel a shipment
  • To update shipment information
  • To create a new shipment request

It is not used for shipments that are less than a full truckload.

EDI 204 Benefits

The Motor Carrier Load helps the carrier determine whether they want to accept the load by providing sufficient information about shipment requirements and their associated costs. This helps to quicken and streamline the shipment process and bring clarity to all involved parties.

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Motor Carrier Load Tender

  • Ship-to location
  • Scheduling information
  • Recipient contact information
  • Specifications of the goods to be shipped (including weight & other units of measure)
  • Trailer size (or other equipment requirements)

Additional Data Also Included in the Motor Carrier Load Tender

  • Carrier details
  • Shipping information
  • Information on consignees, if relevant
  • Contact information for shipment recipient

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