EDI リソースセンター

X12 EDI 753

What is an EDI 753 Routing Instructions Request?

The EDI 753 Request for Routing Instructions is used by suppliers to request routing instructions from their customers.

How is EDI 753 Used?

The EDI 753 allows a supplier to ask for routing instructions from the buying organization while giving broad information about the goods that will be shipped. The buying organization can then easily respond with an EDI document and control their inventory to reduce transportation costs. The EDI 753 also provides general information about the goods a supplier is ready to ship.

EDI 753 Benefits

The EDI 753 is one of several documents suppliers exchange with their purchasers to ensure accurate shipment information. When incorporated into an EDI process, it benefits both supplier/vendor and purchaser/distributor in a variety of ways:

  • Helps ensure orders only go out when they are ready
  • Maintains accurate order forecasting
  • Contributes to overall logistics efficiency
  • Vastly reduces the need for paper, email, fax and other inefficient communications
  • Creates more easily auditable transaction trails for logistics reporting

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Routing Instructions Request:

  • Goods quantity
  • Shipment weight
  • Pick-up date & time
  • Routing control number
  • Pickup location

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