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X12 EDI 812

What is an EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment?

The EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment transaction set is used to send either a notification of a price adjustment or a bill-back between wholesalers, retailers, vendors, merchants, and suppliers. The EDI Credit/Debit Adjustment is an electronic version of a credit/debit memo. The EDI 812 is incredibly efficient, mainly for buying organizations and suppliers found in industries where pricing variations are common.

How is EDI 812 Used?

There are common reasons an 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment may be used:

  • Items were defective, damaged or spoiled non conforming
  • Items will be or have been returned (returned or refunded goods)
  • Wrong products or pricing were delivered
  • The number of items delivered was more or less than the amount ordered
  • An adjustment or deduction has occurred for rebates or allowances
  • There was a pricing error on the original PO or invoice
  • Product ordered was not received
  • Missing products

EDI 812 Benefits

Both the purchaser and the supplier will benefit from implementing the electronic exchange of the credit/debit adjustment. Here are some benefits worth covering:

  • Less time & effort spent to send & receive credits/debits
  • Less paperwork & more operating efficiency
  • Vastly reduced manual data entry errors
  • Documentation backup for deductions/credits
  • Document checks against a remittance advice

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Credit/Debit Adjustment:

  • The original PO/transaction number
  • Amount of the adjustment
  • Reason for the adjustment
  • Items being adjusted

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