EDI リソースセンター

X12 EDI 832

What is an EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog?

The EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog document is an X12 EDI documented designed for partners to electronically exchange detailed product and price information in the form of a catalog.

How is EDI 832 Used?

Suppliers (sellers) use the EDI 832 document as a digital catalog to deliver the full list of their products and accompanying pricing to trading partners and purchasers.

EDI 832 Benefits

Both the retailer (receiver of the EDI 832 document) and the supplier (sender of the EDI 832 document) benefit from implementing the EDI 832 document. Both can:

  • Improve operating efficiencies by decreasing paperwork
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Save administrative time by automating the receipt of price/sales catalog information

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Price/Sales Catalog:

  • Identifying number
  • Item identification and description
  • Product item identifiers: UPC/EAN/GTIN
  • Item physical details (type of packaging)
  • Unit of measure
  • Transmission Date
  • Seller name & contact info
  • Terms of sale details (and discounts)
  • Taxation & unit price information
  • Item pricing & quantity clarification

Additional Data Also Included in the Price/Sales Catalog:

  • Bills of material (BOM), where needed
  • Expiration of information
  • Product packaging structure
  • Incoterms & Terms of trade
  • Planification for product delivery
  • Sender & recipient codes
  • Communication contact detail
  • And other product detail information

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