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X12 EDI 850

What is an EDI 850 Purchase Order?

The EDI 850 Purchase Order transaction set is used to place an order for goods or services.

The information is arranged into segments and data elements. An 850 purchase order is designed to be sent, received, and illustrated by a computer, so ensuring adherence to exact EDI 850 specifications is important.

How is EDI 850 Used?

The EDI 850 document is commonly used in a wide range of industries. It is the standard EDI document used in the retail industry for purchase orders of general merchandise, goods, and services exchanged between suppliers and vendors.

EDI 850 Benefits

The EDI 850 Purchase Order benefits both retail purchasers and their suppliers:

  • Much faster timelines to finish purchase transactions
  • Less paper flow volume to complete transactions by both parties
  • Less time spent to manually submit orders (buyer) and manually enter order data (supplier). As a result, teams can focus more on value-added work
  • Avoiding data-entry errors connected with manual processes
  • Retailers can reduce inventory and better implement a Just-In-Time delivery model

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Purchase Order:

  • PO number
  • Payment terms
  • Vendor information & number
  • Billing & shipping details
  • PO date
  • Location where the products/services are being sent
  • Product item identifiers like UPC/EAN/GTIN together with their corresponding amounts

Additional Data Also Included in the Purchase Order:

  • Items ordered & price
  • Item description
  • Quantities ordered
  • Carrier details & info
  • Discounts

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