EDI リソースセンター

X12 EDI 852

What is an EDI 852 Product Activity Report?

The EDI 852 transaction document is the standard format that provides trading partners with:

  • Information on current product & inventory levels
  • Information about product sales rates at the point of sale (POS)

What is an EDI 852 Product Activity Report Used For?

Distributors, warehouses or retailers can give their suppliers the information they need to plan, ship and reorder the stocking levels for their products.

The goal is to ensure that inventory levels are accurately managed, shipments are up-to-date, and inventory costs are low. The EDI 852 helps suppliers, retailers, and warehouses optimize and automate much of the inventorying process, driving higher ROI.

EDI 852 Benefits

This information contained in the EDI 852 provides valuable information about product performance with outcomes that can be evaluated at a store level, by vertical, geographic location or product line. This kind of detailed information helps businesses with better product inventory planning and management.

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Product Activity Report:

  • Inventory (Quantity on hand)
  • Item & quantity sold in units (e.g. amount of goods sold)
  • Item & quantity sold in USD (value of goods sold)
  • Item specification
  • Estimated sales
  • Quantity on hand
  • Quantity on order
  • Quantity sold
  • Sales history & comparison to previous periods

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