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X12 EDI 855

What is an EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement?

The EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment is the EDI reply document sent from suppliers & vendors in response to EDI 850 Purchase Orders sent by their customers, retailers, and distributors.

How is EDI 855 Used?

Sellers use the EDI 855 to confirm receipt, accept, reject, or request modification of an order back to the purchaser of their goods - their trading partner. If a PO requires any modifications before the supplier can fulfill it, the 855 is designed to include those required modifications.

EDI 855 Benefits

Both the purchaser and the supplier can benefit from using electronic trading of the purchase order acknowledgment.

Some of the benefits that can be emphasized are:

  • Support for the efficient exchange of order information between suppliers & their trading partners
  • Up-to-date & automated visibility into a suppliers engagement to fulfill
  • Retailer capabilities to approve supplier fulfilled eCommerce orders for end consumers
  • Decreased post-invoice coordination problems - potential problems are caught faster

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Purchase Order Acknowledgement:

  • PO number
  • Expected delivery dates
  • Order & item status (accepted, rejected, backordered)
  • Product identifiers: UPC/EAN/GTIN with their corresponding amounts

Additional Data Also Included in the Purchase Order Acknowledgement:

  • Vendor number
  • Product price
  • Item specifications
  • Item identifiers, including Buyer Item Number & Vendor Part Number

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