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X12 EDI 865

What is an EDI 865 Purchase Order Acknowledgment/Request?

The EDI 865 transaction set is a seller-initiated Purchase Order Change Request/Acknowledgement.

Sellers of goods and services transfer 865 documents for several purposes. The 865 involves a buyer and a seller and represents one in a sequence of transactions in a typical business process.

How is EDI 865 Used?

The EDI 865 transaction set is used to send acceptance or rejection of changes to previously submitted purchase orders - it is the response from the seller to a buyer's EDI 860 Purchase Order Change document.

The EDI 865 document lets the buyer know if changes to previously submitted purchase orders have been made by the seller.

EDI 865 Benefits

Both the purchaser and the supplier will benefit from implementing electronic trading of the purchase order acknowledgment. Some of the benefits that can be mentioned include:

  • Standardized, efficient communication on the status of a change order - eliminates back-and-forth between partners
  • Up-to-date & automated visibility into a suppliers engagement to fulfill
  • Decreased incidence of post-invoice coordination problems
  • Enables retailers to approve supplier-fulfilled eCommerce orders for end consumers

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Purchase Order Acknowledgment/Request:

  • AI - Add Additional Item(s)
  • CA - Changes To Line Items
  • PC - Price Change
  • QD - Quantity Decrease
  • QI - Quantity Increase

Additional Data Also Included in the Purchase Order Acknowledgment/Request:

  • DR - Item Accepted - Date Rescheduled
  • IA - Item Accepted
  • IC - Item Accepted - Changes Made
  • ID - Item Deleted
  • IQ - Item Accepted - Quantity Changed

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